Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hailey (ch. 3) [Updated 2011-02-16]

Miss Campbell cleared her throat. A habit that was starting to annoy Hailey - she did that all the time!

"Well, mister Rosa, there seems to have been some sort of misunderstanding. When my secretary looked through the  papers, she seemed to, uhm, think that... With all respect, mister Rosa, she thought, only because of your name, I assure you, that you were a girl"

Hailey couldn't believe it. How incompetent could a person be? "So, will I get to go to the boys' house now?", he asked.

"No, as Williams and Brown has said already, you will stay here at the girls' house at least until tomorrow. It's late, and we don't want you to get lost or kidnapped or molested or something", Campbell replied.

"Hmm", Hailey said. "Well, uh, where is my bags with my clothes and everything? Someone of your staff took care of our bags before we went on the bus, if I recall correctly. If I'm going to stay here for the night, I'm going to need my pyjamas and tooth brush and stuff"

"Well, that's the problem, Rosa. I regret to inform you that your bags somehow ended up in the boys' house, so you will unfortunately have to..." - this pause made Hailey a bit uncomfortable - "borrow some clothes from the girls. Most of them are very into fashion, so it shouldn't be too hard to find someone with an extra pair to lend you...", Campbell continued.

Hailey felt a bit ill. "Are you saying that the only clothes available for me to borrow are girls' clothes? In that case, I'd rather sleep in my underwear, thank you very much", he said.

"Look, Rosa, I'm terribly sorry, but do you remember that paper you had to sign a few weeks ago? Remember the 'hygiene' part of it?" - Hailey definitely felt ill now - "By the look on your face, I assume you remember."

She picked up a copy of the paper from her suitcase. "I'll read the relevant parts for you: 'The students must not on any circumstances sleep in anything other than clothes designed as sleepwear', 'The students must change their underwear at least once every day', and 'The students must also change their clothes at least once every day'. It looks like you will have to get some clothes for tomorrow, too, and for every day you're going to stay here. And yes, this includes underwear. Sorry, but there's nothing I can do", she said.

"That is ridiculous, and I'm not going to do that", Hailey protested.

"As I said, there is nothing I can do, Rosa. You've signed a contract"

"Doesn't matter. There's no chance in hell that I am going to dress in girls' clothes"

"Sorry, Rosa, but if you don't, it's my duty as head mistress to report this. You do realize that it is illegal to break a contract like that, right?", Campbell asked sternly.

"Can't you just... you know, nullify the contract?", he asked. "No, it is not within my powers - I'd have to take this up with the school board-", she started. "Why won't you do that then?", Hailey asked desperately.

"I'm truly sorry, but this isn't exactly considered a high priority issue, so it might take as long as a month before they start working on the case. Until then, the contract will be binding. And when that happens, this camp thing will have come to an end. Sorry, Rosa. You'll have to do this, at least for now. We might be able to get some boys' clothes for you sometime next week or so, but not today"

Hailey shivered. "So, I... I guess I will go... ask the girls, then...", he said with an unsteady voice, and went out of the room on equally unsteady legs.

"This can't be", he thought to himself. Being forced to dress in girls' clothes would be the ultimate form of humiliation to him. He walked towards the girls he had met earlier, and they were still there, still giggling.

"Uhm, hi, girls...", he said with a bit too little confidence for his own taste. "I, uhm... need to ask you about something..."

"Hello, Hailey. What is it?", Wanda asked, and started looking at him with a curious look on her face.

"Well... This is really embarassing...", he started. "You can trust us!", Laura said with a not entirely convincing smile.

Hailey sighed. "I guess I have no other choice... Okay, you know that paper we got from school some time ago? The one with the rules?", he asked. Wanda and Laura nodded. "Well, part of that said that we have to wear actual sleepwear when sleeping, and that we have to change clothes and underwear every day", he continued. "Yeah, what about it? Pretty basic hygiene rules in my opinion", Wanda said. "Well, you see... Uhm, while I happened to end up in the girls' house, my clothes and everything did not, so I will have to borro-", he said when Wanda interrupted him. Again. Hailey was starting to get royally pissed at that.

"Oh my God! Are you saying that you will have borrow girls' clothes? From us?", she said while looking way too happy. "Well... yes", Hailey said. The girls squeed in delight, which caused Hailey to blush even more. "I've always wanted to do this!", Wanda said with an overly excited voice. "Come with us", Laura said, as she and Wanda grabbed Hailey's arms and started to pull him along, into another room. The girls were stronger than Hailey, and could get him into the room quite easily.


Ten or so girls were sitting in the room, some playing board games, some casually chatting, when Hailey, Wanda and Laura arrived. "Hey, Wanda! What's that boy doing in here?", one of them asked.

"Go ahead and tell them!", Wanda told Hailey. Hailey hesitated, when he heard someone clearing his throat. Turning around, he saw miss Campbell standing a few meters behind him. "Don't force him into saying it in front of everyone, you're embarassing him!", she said. Hailey felt relieved for a second, until miss Campbell continued. "I'll say it for you, Rosa. He accidentally ended up in the girls' house, and doesn't have any clothes of his own with him, so he'll need to borrow some from you girls. Are you okay with that, girls?", she said.

"So, we... are going to feminize him?", the girl who had asked Wanda what Hailey was doing in the girls' house asked. "That doesn't sound good", Hailey thought.

Hailey now had the whole room's attention. "We're going to WHAT?", one girl asked, looking like if she thought this was too good to be true. "It's true", miss Campbell said. "You're going to dress him, presumably as a girl, unless someone here - except for mister Rosa, of course - is a crossdresser", she continued.

"I'm not a crossdresser!", Hailey protested. "For now", miss Campbell answered with a smile.

Author's comment:

I had to rewrite this chapter almost from scratch once, because it turned out so terrible the first time.

Made Hailey protest after getting to know that he'll have to borrow clothes from the girls. Thanks, Asdfaoue!


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