Monday, May 16, 2011


She woke him up. He opened his eyes, and saw his beautiful girlfriend standing in front of him, holding a mirror.

"Good morning, honey", she said, and turned the mirror around so that he could see himself. "Take a look, sweetie!", she said. He looked into the mirror and saw what could only be a woman. He wore make-up, lingerie and jewelry, and had long, blonde hair.

"What the yell have you done to me?", he said shockedly. "I have feminized you, and I have done so in a very special way", she said with a smile. "You see, the make-up was special-ordered from Japan, and can only be washed away with semen. Same goes for the glue I used on your wig and lingerie!"

He was in a shock, and couldn't believe what she was saying. He went up from bed, and ran towards the bathroom. He tried to smudge the make-up out with water, but it wouldn't come off. He tried to take off his padded bra, but it was stuck. Then, when he directed his attention to his thong, he realized that his girlfriend had tucked his dick back, and put it in a chastity device.

His girlfriend opened the bathroom door, and gave him a wide grin. "That's right, honey. You can't access your cock. That means it's gonna be quite hard for you to wash away the glue and make-up, don't you think?"

"Why are you doing this to me?", he said with desperation in his voice.

"It's just a sick fetish of mine, honey", she said with an innocent voice. "Now, if you want to become free of the make-up and lingerie, I know a way..."

"Oh, God, no... It isn't... is it?", he asked while feeling sick.

She nodded, as a naked man entered the room.