Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hailey (ch. 1)

He didn't like his name at all. His first name, Hailey, was almost exclusively used by women, but his mother had been determined to name her first child after her favorite actress, Leisha Hailey. His last name, Rosa, wasn't much better - it was Italian for "pink" or "rose". Not a very masculine name for a not very masculine boy.

In fact, he was often teased about his slightly girlish looks - he had a bit narrower waist than most boys his age, a bit wider hips, and not very much facial hair at all.

His mom would also make him grow his hair semi-long, because it made him look "cute", according to her. Well, as soon as Hailey had gotten his own place, and moved away from home, he was going to cut his hair. Short.

He was sure that if his father hadn't died before he was born, he wouldn't have gotten such a feminine first name. And his mother wouldn't have kept her maiden name, which would've meant that he would've had his father's last name, Jackson, instead. Oh, well.


Another thing he didn't like was obligatory "special days" in school, such as their latest one: A "gender-divided" camp, where boys and girls were seperated in two camps, and got to do special activities based on their gender. For instance, the guys got to play football and video games, watch actions films, and so on.

He wouldn't mind this, if it wasn't for the fact that to stay in this camp's house with your group for a whole month, without going home, was a bit too much for him. "Meh, this wasn't the worst activity they could've made up", he thought, "but certainly not the best one either".

So when the day came, he did at first consider skipping school, but that would mean that he would miss a whole month. Not good for his grades. He packed his bags, said goodbye to his mom, and went to school.


He arrived in school, said hi, and chatted briefly with some of his class mates until some of the teachers that were going to lead the "event" arrived. He recognized a few of them: Melanie Williams, Robin Brown, Mark Lewis, and some more.

"Hello, class!", miss Williams said. "Before we go, we'll need you to sign up for your activities; Please make a check next to the ten activities you're most interested in! We know that this was supposed  to be done a week ago, but time wasn't on our side this time." She gave the class a smile.

Lewis and Brown walked around in the classroom, giving one form to every student. Hailey looked down at the piece of paper. "School camp: Activity form for boys", it said, followed by a load of different activities. He took his time, and eventually made a check at "video game tournament", "all-night Star Trek marathon", "swimming", and a few more. When he was the only one left, he quickly chose this last activity, wrote his name on the form, and handed it in.

When everyone was done, the teachers had the students gather outside the building, together with some students from other classes. The head mistress, Alexis Campbell, held a short speech about how the camp trip would bring the students together, and how it would be nice to have a break from regular school.

Then, they went into buses, and off they went.

Author's comment:
Well, this is more of a TG story than a TG caption, but I just liked the idea, and went along. There's no TG elements yet, so yeah, that picture doesn't show us what happens in this particular chapter, and can be considered a... cover, I guess.

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