Saturday, December 18, 2010

Summer camp

His mother had sent him off to a "themed summer camp". What the theme was, was a secret, so when he got on the train, he had no idea what he would end up in. After asking around, he realized that none of the other guys knew what this theme was, either. Maybe it was a nice surprise.

One can at least wish, he thought to himself.

When they had arrived and assembled in some kind of hall, they were greated by a very busty, good-looking lady, who appeared to be some sort of camp leader.

"Welcome to our summer camp! I suppose all of you are wondering what this "theme" is?", she said, and was greeted by quite a few nods.

"This is a very special camp, where mothers can send unruly teenage boys" Many protests were heard; Some of the guys were heading towards the door.

"Oh, that's no use. The doors are locked, dears", the leader type said. "Here at the summer camp, we believe that it is in the nature of men to be mean, hard and hating, while it is in the nature of women to be nice, soft and loving. So in order to fix the boys sent here - that would be you - we turn them into girls"

At this point, there was full chaos.

"Silence! You see what I mean, right? So, anyway. While turning you female will make you nicer, you will most likely be unhappy for your first few years as girls, unless something is done. Which we will do, of course.

After your transition to womanhood, you will be trained to love everything that is feminine. Yes, that means, of course, that you will be lesbians. You will grow your hair long, learn how to do makeup, and always go topless. Every day, we will have cuddling sessions, in which we caress each others breasts, kiss and hug each other. This will start tomorrow. Good luck, girls!"

Three months later, he and one of his new girlfriends were sitting tight to the leader, hugging her breasts. He couldn't understand how he had been disgusted by this thought. Now he had perky, pale tits, platinum blonde hair and was happier than ever.

Monday, November 1, 2010

We're hired to do this to you

"Ah, your breasts are coming along very nicely, sir. Very nicely, yes, indeed"
  "For how long do we have to do this, doctor? Heck, WHY do we have to do this? You've all been so cryptic about this, just saying that 'it is for my own best', and stuff like that"
  "Oh, we're about halfway done - your breasts are not nearly big enough yet. And why we're doing this... well, I'm not sure if I'm the right person to tell you. I think you should ask your mother - after all, she was the one who hired us to do this to you!"