Sunday, April 24, 2011


"Smile for the camera, honey!", she said with great enthusiasm. He tried to bring a smile to his face, but didn't quite succeed.

They were currently taking photos for the traditional new year postcard, with news about what had happened to the family this year - and wow, things sure had happened to the young couple.
It all started back in January, when she had told him how tired and depressed she was feeling recently. He suggested that she should go visit a psychologist, and see what was wrong. It turned out she had developed a rare form of allergy against higher concentrations of testosterone. Not wanting to dump her beloved boyfriend, who obviously was the source to the testosterone, she and her psychologist decided that the best thing would be to feminize him completely.
So, one day shortly afterwards, she drugged him, made him, while half-conscious, sign a contract, and took him to a surgeon the psychologist had recommended. They hypnotized him, and let him be in that mental state for a few months, while they performed extensive and advanced feminization processes on him. Then, when he was completely female, they gave him earrings, a necklace, make-up, and long, brown hair, to further push the testosterone away.
Finally, he was given a skirt, while she was ordered to only wear pants - this was to make sure that he was the feminine one in the relationship. Both of them were also to be topless at all times, to spread femininity.
When he woke up from the hypnosis for the first time, he did panic, but things have gotten better since then. Looking into the camera, he felt that he was ready. He would show the world his new self.
He was proud of being a woman.