Friday, February 11, 2011

Hailey (ch. 2)

Hailey sat next to a cute girl, trying to not look at her breasts. Noticing him, she smiled, and put on her jacket, blocking his view. He blushed, cleared his throat, and turned around, looking out through the window. About half an hour later, they arrived, and left the buses, and gathered around the head mistress again, this time standing on a little table, serving as a podium.

Miss Campbell cleared her throat, picked up a suit case, and opened it. She told the students to line up, and then went through the line, giving everyone a piece of paper with what she said was instructions. When everyone had gotten a paper, she went back to her podium.

"What you've just recieved, students, are instructions on how to get to your camp houses - non-graphical maps, if you will. The reason we won't just tell you how to get to the houses is that we want to avoid boys sneaking over to the girls' house in the middle of the night, to have some fun. That is not acceptable unless we, the school staff, tell you otherwise. Understood? Good. I'll meet the girls in their house later; When you arrive, you will be greeted by miss Williams. You boys will meet mister Lewis. Well, see you later, then!"


Hailey took a look at his piece of paper. It was filled by simple "go in this direction", "go towards this and this 'landmark'", and so on. Pretty easy, considering there was a compass attatched.

After a while, he arrived in front of a house next to a lake. He knocked, and saw to his great surprise that miss Williams opened the door.

"Miss Williams? What are you doing here?", he asked.

"I was just about to ask you that. What are you doing at the girls' camp house, and how did you find this place?", she answered, sounding about as surprised as him.

"I just followed this map miss Campbell gave me - I suppose she gave me the wrong one. So, if you could just point out the direction for me, I'll go to the guys' house now-"

"No, no, you're not going out with just my probably very vague directions, you could get lost. And we don't have any more maps. Hmm. You could come in here in our house, and we'll figure something out.


The girls' house was very feminine looking, and there didn't seem to be a single male in the house, with the exception of Hailey himself. As he followed miss Williams towards the staff room, they passed some girls who  looked at him with surprised looks on their faces. Then they started whispering, and giggling. "Girls will be girls, all right", Hailey thought to himself.

They arrived in the staff room, where he saw miss Brown. "Robin, this guy here knocked on the door, with a 'girl map'. What should we do with him?", miss Williams said.

Miss Brown looked up from her newspaper, and looked Hailey right in the eyes. "Well, we'll have to talk to the head mistress about this when she arrives, but I think you should stay here for the night at least. We don't want you to get lost on your way to the boys' house", she said.

"Just what I said when he arrived. Well, I suppose you can go have fun with the girls for now-" she saw how he made a little smile - "No, not that kind of fun, you little pervert. Talk to them, or whatever. Boys will be boys, I guess", she sighed.


Hailey walked out of the staff room, and towards the girls he had passed by before. "Hi. Uhm, I seem to have gotten the wrong map or something, so I'm going to stay here at least until the head mistress gets here, so she and the teachers can have a talk about what to do. So, uh, what's up?", he said.

The girls looked at him, giggled and whispered to each other. Then, one of them said: "That's an... interesting story. I'm Wanda, and this is Laura. What's your name?"

"My name is Hailey, and-", he begun. "Hailey?", Wanda interrupted. "But that's a girls' name!"

"It is a boys' name too, and I-" - he was once again interrupted. "Are you sure you're not a girl? You don't look very manly to me", Laura teased him.

That's when the head mistress arrived. "Be nice to him, girls", she said. "Come with me, Rosa, we'll need to discuss some things", she added. Hailey cringed. "Rosa" sounded even more feminine than "Hailey"!

Author's comment:
This chapter became way longer than intended. Although no TG elements have actually occured yet, it is probably very clear for everyone what's going to happen (if it wasn't since chapter 1...)

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